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Brand Story:
When China's reform and openning up policy has reached another climax, a very normal young boy was graduated from Hunan College of International Economy in 2004. Since engaged in switching power supply industry in south China by chance, he had got very good reputation from customers. One decade after, he thought the future
market would be very nice, and decided to let the switching power supply industry as his life career, so he startuped KingRong company.

Startup business makes dream come true. At that time when he came from Hunan to GuangDong was because of his girlfriend, now girlfriend was already his wife, he gived up the opportunity of being work at oversea laisain office for that Hunan state-own company. he used her giving name KingRong as company's name, which is also direction and goal of his whole life he is striving for.

KRECO is a short name of first letter of KingRong Enterprise Ltd.
CO is a short name of company
His name is Billy Chu