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    Global Part No.:KR1005
      mirco USB wireless charging receiver
        Category:Wireless charger >> Wireless receviers RX
        Global Part No.:KRE-Q01(RX)
        Input Voltage:5VDC 1A
        Output Voltage:5V DC
        Output Current:1000mA
        Output Power:5W
        Dimension :74*36*1.7mm
        Unit Price:USD 3.39
        Description:TI solution using Qi-Standard, Ultra slim wireless charging receiver with Micro USB for Samsung phone, Android devices
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 Wireless charging solutions using Qi-Standard, Ultra slim wireless charging receivers: lightning connector for iPhone 6s plus/6s/6/6 plus/5s, Micro USB or Type-C USB for  Samsung phone, Android devices

  • Ultra slim design
  • QI-Standard
  • Input: USB DC5V/2A
  • Output:DC 5V 1000ma
  • Wireless output: 5W
  • Standby energy consumption:<10mA
  • Working frequency range: 110k-205KHZ
  • Transfer efficency: 75%(max)
  • Launch distance: 5mm
  • Temperature of outer case:55°C(max)
  • Size: 74*36*1.7
  • Weight: 3.3g