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    Global Part No.:12V 100Ah 95E41 JIS sealed lead acid car batteries
      12V 100Ah 95E41 JIS sealed lead acid car batteries
        Global Part No.:KR011(95E41)
        Output Voltage:
        Input Voltage:12V
        Output Power:
        Output Current:100Ah
        Unit Price:USD 0.00
        Description:KRECO produces lead - acid batteries, thin plate of pure lead batteries, power lithium-ion batteries etc.. The products are widely used in automobiles, agricultural vehicles, ships, trucks, golf carts, electric cars, electric motors, electric bicycles, and a variety of special purpose.
        Category:Car Batteries >> Sealed lead acid batteries
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  • Model Number: 95E41/JIS
  • Voltage:12v
  • Capacity:100AH
  • Size:407*170*210*230(L*W*H*TH mm)
  • Brand Name:KRECO
  • Standard:JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards)
  • Type:SMF Battery
  • Packaging:Carton with solid foam

  • Material:PE separator, high quality lead and acid
  • Excellent starting performance 
  • High CCA current
  • Long life, Powerful design
  • If you need OEM service, please mail for the inquiry