12V 1.5A 18W EU switching power adapter
      12VDC switching power adapter
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HOT SALES. 12VDC 1.5A series wall-mount switching power supply, AC/DC adaptor, AC/DC power adapter, Class II,  Universal input, customized design. 
Model Number: KRE-1201500

Power: 18W
Input voltage: 100 to 240V AC,
DC output voltage: 12V DC
No load input power (240V AC): 0.3W
Input frequency range: 50 to 60Hz 
input current: 400mA maximum
DC output current: 1,500mA
Output voltage precision: 5%
Regulation: ±1% line, ±5% load
Ripple/noise: 100mV
Inrush current (240V AC): 25A, cold 25°C
Dc connector : 2.1X5.5mm , 2.5X5.5mm , optional
Efficiency: 70% to 88%

Burn-in: 100% full load, 40°C, 4hrs minimum
MTBF: meet MIL-HDBK-217F over 50,000hrs, full load, 25°C
Leakage current: 0.25mA maximum at 264V AC
Withstanding voltage: 3kV 1minute 10mA max, between primary and secondary

AC/DC power adaptor protection:
Short circuit protection(SCP)
Over-voltage protection(OVP)
Over-current protection(OCP)
Over temperature protection (OTP)
Thermal shutdown capability(Auto recovery)

High reliability 
Light and convenient plug-in
With fuse, LED light indicator
low working temperature and low ripple noise
High efficiency: consumption, meet US Energy start/CEC/AS/MEPS/EUP/ERP

General: 12V 1.5A series External wall-mount switching power supply adapter.

AS/NZS3548, AS/NZS4251.1 class B 
IEC61000-4-2; IEC61000-4-3
IEC61000-4-4; IEC61000-4-5
IEC61000-4-6; IEC61000-4-11
FCC Part15 Class B
EN55022 Class B
CISPR22 Class B
CNS13438 Class B

AS/NZS 60950:2000, AS/NZS60065
CE(Low Voltage Directive)
UL1310, GB4943-2001
EN60950:2009; EN60065
PSE IEC60950, EN60065

Operating temperature: 0 to 40°C 
Storage humidity: 10 to 95% RH 
Storage temperature: -20 to 65°C
Operating humidity: 10 to 95% RH