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            Welcome A.O.SMITH Team
            Add time:2017-06-13    Click:844
            June 1, 2017 is the Children's Day of China. First of all, I wish all “kids” a happy Children's Day, May all of you grow healthy and happy.
            Besides, today we have our important guest, A.O.SMITH.
            A batch of orders is ready for shipment, and goods should be inspected before shipment, according to Smith's arrangement.
            Included a purchase manager and two engineers, there are three members came and visited our company.
            It’s very strict during the inspection, from box stripping to the testing are all been supervisory control.
            Of course, we are 100% comfortable with our products and actively cooperate with the tests.
            In the end, of course, we passed the test successfully!
            Cargo released!

            Sharon W 


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