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Audio/Video Solutions

The convergence of A/V with voice and data has sparked a dramatic evolution of A/V systems into complete network systems with numerous capabilities. From videoconferencing with multiple screens and true stereo surround sound, to audio conferencing systems, A/V aids and integrative A/V systems are increasingly viewed as necessary business intelligence and critical to mission success. Conference and e-learning tools help organizations cut the costs of travel and meet green business objectives. The solutions you need, the way you need them.


KRECO Power Adaptors, AC/DC adaptors, Power Supplies, etc.

· Low-ripple, low disturbance noise
· Minimum influence on A/V transformation 
· Wide power input range
· level VI energy saving
· Stylish design
· Enhanced EMI/EMC/FCC technologies

In order to optimize high performance of A/V systems, wedesign integrative A/V and multimedia solutions that use the latest technologies to enhance presentations and digital imaging for crisper, clearer sounds and more interactive capabilities.