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            How KRECO Help China's Manufacturing Industry to Build A Transparent Workshop?
            Add time:2017-07-28    Click:605
            In the era of industry 4.0, we are deeply aware that enterprises need to transform and upgrade to survive and develop.
            What is industry 4.0?
            Industrial 4.0 means to use the Cyber—Physical System (CPS) to digitize the supply, sale and manufacture information of the production, then finally achieve fast, effective and personalized product supply.
            July 21, 2017 KRECO arranges employee to participate a seminar about  how to build a transparent workshop. To let employees know and learn how to come close to industry 4.0.
            Through this activity, we have seen the advanced nature of intelligent manufacturing, and also understand the company's shortcomings.
            According to current management level, hardware and software must be equipped for a long time.
            Fortunately, the world’s industry level is still in the stage of exploration, and KRECO still has the opportunity to be at the front of the world!

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