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Is KRECO Setting up a U.S. Office??
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I am not telling a joke.
It’s realizable to have an America office in the future.
We’ve met some friends from America. The topic today is about how to set up a chain to combine the America and China market.
Those friends are holding their own company in America; they often came to China and search for products that are suitable for sale.  
A remark impressed me most: both of us have similar ideas, but success depends on whether you're actually action.
There’s an old saying, action is speak louder than words.
KRECO is that company who willing to do real action. We must one day become what we said to be. However, to set an America office is mere a vision by me, do not represent the idea of my company. But we can see that, it could be the trend and strategy in the future!        
At the end, thank you for visiting and for your trust.

Sharon W  


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