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Switching Power Supply Topologies
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We must understand the switch power supply structure in the production of switching power supply, generally speaking of switch power supply structure refers to the topology of switching power supply

There are a lot of knowledge about switching power supply topology of the network, most are relatively good, but there are still some of the answers and information

Not enough detail. This paper is through the online data collection and collation relatively, though not the best, but also to the switching power supply topology summary. I hope to

Customers to provide some help.

DC power converter is presented according to the input and output electrical isolation, can be divided into non-isolated converter circuit and isolation converter circuit.

Several circuit topology of switching power supply:

Buck (Buck) converter, boost (Boost) converter, polarity reversal buck-boost (Buck - Boost) converter, Cuk converter with single end positive,

Flyback converter, push-pull converter, half-bridge, full-bridge converter.