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Do you Dare to Identify those Technologies that Expose your Age?
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       For some, it may only seem like yesterday that pagers, cassette tapes and floppy disks were everyday items.
  But for millenials, these 1990s technologies are completely alien.
  So alien, in fact, that a new study has found that two thirds of 6-18-year-olds don't know what a floppy disk is and nearly half have never heard of a cassette tape.
  And although they were widespread in schools in the 1990s, today 71 per cent of children are unfamiliar with overhead projectors.
  Researchers at YouGov showed 2,011 children photographs of different technologies and asked them to name each one.
  [en]If they thought they knew what it was, they were asked to write down its name.
  The results showed around two-thirds of children (67 per cent) either did not know what a floppy disk is or incorrectly identified it.
  Researchers say that several children identified it as a save icon.
  Under 18s found pagers and Ceefax/Teletext hardest to identify - with 86 per cent of children baffled as to what they could be.
  However, young people were still able to recognise old-fashioned records and record players with 74 per cent accuracy.
  They were more memorable than the more recently invented music cassettes, which were wrongly identified by 40 per cent of children.
  Twenty three per cent did not know what a postcard was when shown a photo.
  One of the 27 per cent of children that wrongly identified a typewriter described it as 'a thing that you write movies on'.
  'Nowadays trends and fashions change faster than ever for all of us, but with children, what's “hot” can go to “not” in no time at all', said Lauren Nasiroglu, associate director of YouGov's Omnibus team.
  Despite a lack of knowledge about them by the younger generation, retro technology is making a come back for older consumers.
  Earlier this year, Nokia revealed a revamp of its 8110 'banana phone' first seen in 1996 and made famous by 'The Matrix' at Mobile World Congress.

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