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The Air-powered Batteries
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IBM released its annual "Next Five in Five" list. Five innovations, including air-powered batteries,3D cellphones as well as "adaptive traffic systems," could be expected over the next five years.

Today's batteries could be replaced by batteries "that use the air we breathe" and that will "last about 10 times longer than they do today". In some cases, batteries may even disappear in smaller devices, according to IBM.

Holographic cameras will become widespread. And 3D and holographic cameras that fit into cellphones allowing video chat with "3D holograms of your friends in real time."

"Adaptive traffic system" adopts new mathematical models and predictive analytics technologies to deliver the best routes for daily travel. It will learn traveler behavior to provide more dynamic travel safety and route information to travelers than is available today.

In addition, according to 18M, better ways to recycle heat and energy from data centers will be found to "heat buildings in the winter and power air conditioning in the summer" during the future five years. The last but not the least, "citizen scientists" will emerge in five years, with sensors in cellphones, cars and wallets collecting data for research.



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