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The U.S. CPSC recalled the overheated wireless charger because it did not pass the certification.
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Recently, the Consumer Safety Committee(CPSC) launched a recall of wireless charger.
The recalled wireless charger has the product name: Cloud Charging Pads.
The company has received seven reports of cell phone chargers overheating, but fortunately no one was injured.

The CPSC recall page stated that there is a risk that wireless phone chargers may overheat during use and pose a burn risk to consumers. It also stated that it should immediately stop using the recalled charger and contact the manufacturer for free replacement.

The recalled product did not pass Qi certification

The Cloud Charge Qi wireless charging board involved in the recall is a promotional gift for various employees and customers.
The product name and model T4706 are printed on the bottom of the product.
The recalled charger is circular, with white plastic at the bottom and various promotional art patterns at the top. About 4 inches in diameter and 0.5 inches in height. The product includes a white USB charging line and a power adapter.
Each charging plate and fittings is packed in a white plastic box with a transparent cover and is approximately 5 "X 5" x 1.25 "in size. The recall involved only one production lot(version 2) of the charge-board.

In addition, although this product mentioned "Qi" in their description, the Qi-certified logo was not found on the back of the product, and by searching the WPC official website for the product's name "Cloud Charge", it was found that the authentication library did not have this product., Therefore, it is not a Qi-certified product.

About Qi Certification

Qi is a mature open standard standard designed to help consumers use the most advanced technologies. Qi certified products need to pass compatibility and security tests, and Qi's logo is a symbol of compatibility and security.
Different brands of products, as long as there is a Qi logo, can be charged with a Qi wireless charger. The series of tests verifies that the charger is compatible with other Qi mobile phones. At the same time, it can also ensure the safety and reliability of the product. It can prevent injuries and prevent equipment damage(coin heating, damaged mobile phones, and damaged NFC cards).

Benefits of Qi Certification

1, prove that the product's performance meets the requirements, and achieve a certain degree of security;
2, the product plus Qi logo, which means that different brands and models can be compatible with certified terminals;
3, increase the opportunity for high-quality buyers to focus, especially North America and Japan and South Korea markets;
4, improve the image of the company, and product value, especially the current market wireless charging products market mixed.

Qi Certification Scope of Application

Qi products are suitable for different countries and regions in the world, such as the United States, Japan, the European Union, etc., and can be sold globally through certification.
Therefore, the wireless charger must be tested to ensure the safety of consumers. In addition to Qi certification tests, other electrical safety tests must be passed.

About WPC Wireless Charging Alliance

The Wireless Charging Alliance(WPC) is an open standard development organization that focuses on the promotion of wireless charging technology and Qi standards, and is committed to creating safe, efficient, compatible, practical and well-functioning products. And allow any manufacturer or brand to produce these products. As the developer of the wireless charging Qi standard specification, the Wireless Charging Alliance(WPC) has been established for 10 years. It holds four league member meetings each year. WPC
members have already exceeded 600.

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