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Care for health, do not put the power adapter at the bedside to charge
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Many young people these days stay up late partying. It's the norm for many people to play with their phone late at night and then leave it at their bedside to recharge before going to bed. But that's not good. Because any electric equipment wants to be turned on current only, have electromagnetism radiate, big arrive air conditioning, TV, computer, microwave oven, humidifier, small arrive hairdryer, mobile phone, power adapter, even terminal board, can produce electromagnetism radiate.
  Various electrical appliances produce different amounts of radiation. Low-voltage power supplies with transformers generally have high magnetic fields, which can be measured at more than 300 milliks at the connection point, but can be reduced to less than 1 milliks at a distance of only 30 centimeters. At 15cm away from the microwave, its magnetic field strength is as low as 100mx and as high as 300mx. At a few centimeters away from the electric blanket, its magnetic field strength is as high as 20-50 mx. The electromagnetic wave that TV produces and terminal display produces is similar, the electromagnetic wave that contacts terminal display or TV for long time, can cause eyeball to ache, fatigue to wait for a symptom. Therefore, the distance between people and TV screen should be at least 2 meters away.
  Power adapter, portable single player, the transformer magnetic field on the socket is also high. So, want to maintain proper distance, in order to assure safety, especially do not put charger in the head of a bed to charge, maintain at least 1 meter above, do not put the mobile phone on the side of the pillow when sleeping at night. The electromagnetic radiation released by the mobile phone is the largest, and the radiation generated is 20 times higher than that generated by the phone. Therefore, it is best to answer the phone after it has been rung for a second or two. Do not answer the phone when charging. During the connection stage, users should avoid holding the phone close to their ears, which can reduce radiation by 80% to 90%.
  Take care of your health and start with details. Keeping your phone far away from your bed at night will not only reduce radiation but also help you get into the habit of going to bed early and constantly flipping your phone over your bed.


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