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            Charger switch power adapter three different
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            Switching power supply is a method of converting 220V voltage into low voltage direct current, which is different from traditional power frequency transformers.The power supply adopting this switching voltage technology is called switching power supply, the charger and the power adapter are currently adopted switching power supply technology.A charger is something that only charges a battery, usually with a charging indicator light, such as an electric car charger.He can't call it an adapter.An adapter is something that provides power to a device.There are power adapters for liquid crystal displays and power adapters for printers.No chargers.There's another thing.Let's say the thing that the phone is charging or the thing that the laptop is using, and the book is now called an adapter.But we all call him a charger.And both of those names have come up.So he calls it a charger.
            The charger, the switch power supply, the power adapter can (but not necessarily) be one thing, the switch power supply is to pay attention to the internal characteristics of the item, the charger is to pay attention to its use, the power adapter is to highlight as the auxiliary equipment.Popular metaphor is as follows: bowls - - refers to the bowl of switch power supply is made of porcelain bowl - charger - refers to the purpose of the bowl (note that the charger is not switching power supply, a job also has a glass bowl) tableware - power adapter - mean the power adapter is for dining services also has a transformer ac output, ordinary linear output rectifier voltage regulator, and battery pack.


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