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Is the phone charging slowly in the car?
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Smartphones have brought people closer together, and their battery life has long been criticized. The birth of mobile power can only cure the symptoms, and for those who travel long distances, it is not possible to go out without a few estimates. People who stay in the office are not troubled by this problem. Drivers are in great demand. After all, running back and forth, encounter their own familiar road conditions are good, unfamiliar only mobile phone navigation, and drivers are normally equipped with 2 or 3 mobile phones. Charging while navigating, the navigation is over, and the electricity does not increase much, which makes people angry.

Or complain about the USB interface charging car so slow Ah! If that's how you charge, it's a big mistake. After all, the USB interface of the car was not designed to serve the charging of the mobile phone at the beginning, but for audio data transmission. The current of data transmission is only 5V/0 .5 A, which is used to charge the mobile phone. Obviously not up to standard. Therefore, the phone was filled for a long time. The power did not increase much, but it was hot, which would damage the life of the device.
If you want to charge your mobile phone normally in the car, you have to buy a car charger. In fact, his principle is very simple. It is to convert the 12V voltage of the car to 5V. Qualified car chargers have been filled in advance. Protection. This thing can not be covetously cheap, bad quality must resolutely resist, and may also occur auto spontaneous combustion. The quality of the car charger of a large brand is guaranteed, and the output current is selected to be over 1A. The voltage of a typical car is 12V, and the voltage of a truck is the majority of the 12V that the 24V universal refers to.

After the car is turned off, should I unplug the car charger? Under normal circumstances, the car charger will only have current output if it is connected to the current. It's okay not to unplug it. One might wonder if it would hurt a car battery? That's a little overrated. Normal household cars will be turned off when they turn off.



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