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3 Ways to Teach you to use Mobile Wireless Charger
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1, Put the wireless charging function on the wireless charging board, the position should be set, you can charge it. Note that some wireless charging panels support different models of mobile phones. You should select the wireless charging panel according to your mobile phone model.
2, At present, remote charging is not supported, and this technology may be reached in the future. What is wireless charging technology? According to a report in the United States, research institutes have developed a wireless charger that can be used at a long distance. This charger contains a belt. The transmitter of the plug, an electronic receiver, can be transmitted to the terminal device equipped with the receiver as long as it is within a certain range.
3, Wireless chargers have been used radio waves, which are not only electromagnetic waves, but also transmit energy themselves and can penetrate the air, thus making wireless power transmission possible.

The wireless charger refers to a charger that is connected to a terminal device that needs to be charged without a conventional charging power cord. The latest wireless charging technology is used to transmit electrical energy by using an alternating magnetic field generated between the coils, and the inductive coupling technology will Become a bridge to connect charging base stations and devices.
Wireless charging technology won 20 patents in 2007, a variety of devices can use a charging base station, wired charging of mobile phones, MP3 players, power tools and other power adapters will not exist.


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