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Anti-interference Design of High Speed Circuit for Power Adapter
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Nowadays, crosstalk is becoming more and more serious in high-speed and high-density circuits. For the anti-interference performance design of the circuit, it is also a headache for many engineers, which is also a very complex technical problem. For PCB design, the following points should be done well, that is to say, the interference of signal can be reduced to a great extent.

1. Increasing Wiring Space Distance
Increasing the distance between the signal network and other signals or power adapters is the best way to solve the interference problem, but now many high-density designs are not enough in the wiring space.
2. Digital-analog signal subarea
This is very important, just like people can't mix with pigs (pet pig exceptions). Digital and analog signals are best designed in a subregional way to avoid mixing up signals.
3. Signal network should not pass through high-speed IO interface
High-speed IO ports are often plugged in and used. If a signal passes through, it is easy to be disturbed. It's like screaming in your ear while you're sleeping. Think about how you feel.
4. Signal networks do not pass through PTH inductance, capacitance, crystal oscillator "people under the eaves" feeling is always not so good.

5. Land parcel design
The enclosure design is equivalent to a moat for the signal, but the river needs to be built well, first of all, enough distance to avoid the impedance change of the signal, and secondly, to ensure that there are suitable ground holes on these ground lines. Otherwise, you know, watch out for the moat breaking.
6. Power adapter design
Power adapter is the heart of electronic products. Everyone knows that the heart can not leak air or be damaged. So we must design the power adapter well and minimize ripple and noise.
The power adapter plane should be designed as wide as possible and as far as possible from the signal network. It is also a common method to add decoupling capacitors on the power adapter plane properly.
7. Horizontal design
As a high-speed circuit design engineer, I shouldn't have a place in my heart, because our predecessors told us that this is the return path. Anyway, this must be worthy of our attention. The ground surface is as complete as possible; the digital and analog ground of the score are never procrastinated; the short ground line is never longer,
and "order and prohibition" is the best way.


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