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What is a switching power supply for
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What is the switch power supply used for? The LED switch power supply has a circuit to control the switch tube and conduct high-speed passage and cut-off.Is to convert the direct current into high frequency alternating current to the converter for voltage change, so that it needs to produce a group or more groups of voltage, switching power supply is to do what is used, the reason for converting to high frequency alternating current is that the efficiency of high frequency alternating current in the transformer circuit is higher than the power supply of 50Hz or 60Hz.Therefore, the transformer of the switching power supply can be small in size, and will not be very hot when the switching power supply works. The product price is lower than the power-frequency dc voltage regulator power supply. What is the use of the switching power supply?Switch power can be generally divided into isolation and non-isolation of these two kinds, is the isolation type of certain switching power converter, and not isolated may not necessarily have switching power converter.Switch power supply is to do what use, switch power supply and traditional dc power supply compared with small size, light weight, and high efficiency.


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