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The cause of heating of switch power transformer
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Switching power transformer is a power transformer with switching tube. In addition to the voltage conversion function of ordinary transformer, it also has the function of insulation isolation and power transmission. It is commonly used in switching power supply and other occasions involving high-frequency circuits.
The main heating components in the switching power supply are semiconductor switch tube, power diode, high frequency transformer, filter inductance and so on.Different devices have different ways of controlling heat.Power tube is one of the devices with high heating value in high frequency switching power supply. Reducing its heating value can not only improve the reliability of power tube, but also improve the reliability of switching power supply and increase the average no-fault time.
The calorific value of the switch tube is caused by loss, which is composed of loss in the switching process and loss in the on-state.Switching process loss is caused by gate charge and switching time. To reduce switching process loss, devices with faster switching speed and shorter recovery time can be selected to reduce it.But it is more important to design better control mode and buffer technology to reduce the loss, such as the use of soft switch technology, can greatly reduce the loss.Reduce the power diode heat, ac rectifier and buffer diode, in general, there is no better control technology to reduce the loss, you can choose high-quality diode to reduce the loss.For secondary side rectification of transformer, synchronous rectification technology with higher efficiency can be selected to reduce the loss.For the loss caused by high frequency magnetic materials, skin effect should be avoided as far as possible, and the effect caused by skin effect can be solved by means of multi-strand enameled wire winding


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