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Five Kinds Of Methods To Solve The Power Adapter Overheating
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Power adapter is not strange in our life, the home of the TV, computer, mobile phone, such as the electronic product is inseparable from the power adapter. Believe that many people have noticed, the power adapter when use, sometimes there will be a power adapter overheating, even very hot feeling. So, what method to solve the power adapter overheating?

    To solve the power adapter overheating five kinds of methods are as follows:

    1, create a good thermal environment, the power adapter in place from the sun and the location of the leak. Remember that cannot be used in the heat time is too long, if must use it for a long time, it is important to note that the cooling, fan can be set aside auxiliary heat dissipation.
    2, can be narrower plastic or metal blocks of pad between the adapter and the desktop, can accelerate the adapter as the heat.

    3, under the environment of high temperature, the adapter to put, reduce the contact area with the ground, can let the adapter will better heat, heat dissipation effect.

    4, power adapter fever usually is because, the battery and computer together. We can have a laptop battery management software to its setting. Such as lenovo battery management software - best battery maintenance. Dell also have software, set it to prohibit charging with respect to OK.

    5, often use a dry soft cloth or paper towel to wipe the power adapter for its appearance of dust, prevent dust from entering the gap and reduce the heat dissipation performance.


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