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The market share common fake charger connection failure have?
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    Sweep yards charger now more and more become the most people, travel supplies, when mobile phone battery, charger, with a sweep yards can really solve some problems. Because these two years sharing charger market prospect is good, the development of fast, so there have been many imitate JingRong fortress small brands, poor quality of the products, problems, market to bring very great confusion, you know how much these fake products have what problem?
Common shanzhai products failure to connect:
1. The poor material, does not support flow short circuit leakage protection, without damaging the experiment testing, use after a period of time that is discarded.
2. The power transformer chip the scheme of the male version to save costs, 5 v1a output current, easy to cause line charging fever, full of long, serious and even damage the user's phone.

3. Easy to bad password plate buttons, high maintenance costs. Push the lead to a lot of boring man blind damage, exaggerated area around 1 month to be replaced.

4. Start the process time is long: from code to charge need 8 to 10 seconds, customers such as impatient

5. The technology is immature backstage module cross interference signal, users scan code in order to abandon, often lead to payment failed and frequent complaints.

6. A lot of fake Shared charging line charging line without 3 c safety certification, leakage hidden trouble, there's a fire is difficult to through the fire inspection.
Because shanzhai Shared charging line many hidden trouble, so we recommend you choose JingRong big brands such as, old factory to cooperation, not only regular products, quality assured, and it is important to good corporate reputation, there is no risk.



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