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            News! Resume production on Monday 24 Feb !
            Add time:2020-02-21    Click:33
            Notice about the resumption of business
            Xiaolan Town Strengthens Enterprise Safety and Orderly Resumption Management Special Working Group:
            Due to production and operation needs, our unit resumed work and production on February 24. After self-examination, our company has completed the following epidemic prevention work:
            1. to improve the epidemic prevention and control mechanism, establish an internal epidemic prevention and control organization structure based on its own situation, formulate and improve the internal responsibility mechanism for epidemic prevention and control, and resume work and reinstatement epidemic response plans, and clarify the enterprise epidemic prevention and control emergency procedures, specific staff and work responsibilities .
            2. to do a good job of returning employees for inspection, to comprehensively inspect all employees, to do a good job of file screening according to "one person, one file", and to guide employees in an orderly manner to arrange return to work. For employees with “two histories” in the epidemic area (history of tourism in the epidemic area and contact history of personnel in the epidemic area), implement the point-to-point reminder requirements to guide employees not to return to work temporarily.
            3. to implement prevention and control facilities and equipment, and do a good job in the protection and distribution of masks, thermometers, disinfection water and other epidemic prevention and control materials. Returning employees must wear masks. According to the actual situation such as the number of employees and places, medical observation points should be set up. The observation points should be set in relatively independent, complete living facilities, and well-ventilated areas. The staff is responsible for temperature detection and fever management.
            We hereby submit the list of supporting industrial enterprises of our unit to the town's special working group for strengthening the management of enterprise safety and orderly resumption of work.
            Please provide guidance and services.
            Annex: List of supporting industrial enterprises
            Legal representative: Billy Chu
            Time: 2020-2-20