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The NEW ETL/CETL Certificates
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ETL certificate is very important for us.

Of course, this is another key to the North American door, we are getting very excited.

Today, we formally lunched the application for ETL and CETL certification, the application range is for our 6 Watt series, KRE-XXXYYYZ, switching power supply, ac/dc adapter, and charger.

This is really not easy, because of the high certification fee and expenses.
But for the market, we must do.
We must let our customer to buy relieved goods from us, if customer is happy, then we have orders to production.

Let's expect for the NEW ETL/CETL certificates.
We will keep updating and uploading it into our self-website and other promotion websites, wherever is, please contact our salesperson to inquiry, we will offer the best service.

--- By KRECO company news.