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How to remove Rust?
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How to remove Rust?

1, laundry soap, back cut off a small piece of melting with warm water, then use cotton cloth to dab a small amount of solution to wipe data line, and then dry with a dry towel.
2, toothpaste, squeeze a little toothpaste mix a small amount of water, and then use cotton cloth to wipe a little amount, the dry with a dry towel. Remember that interface can't clean.
3, alcohol: use cotton drops on alcohol, wipe down the cable, the dry naturally.
4, white vinegar, use a cotton white vinegar and wipe down the cable, the taste is a little heavy, cotton cloth with water to wipe a taste.
5, eraser, the result is right also.

After read this article, we know what to do with the charger line dirty yellow!!!! More charger related maintenance, please continue to focus on KRECO update website states.



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