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Switch power transformer selection
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Switching power transformer is generally used in some high-frequency electrical occasions, the following power adapter manufacturers will introduce the switch power transformer should be how to choose, I hope you through this article for the switch power transformer selection can have some understanding.
Switch power transformer selection
1. Select the corresponding topological structure;
Ii. Determine the power supply with multiple powers;
Third, then select the power of the magnetic core and core skeleton;
4. Set the number of primary and secondary turns and line diameter according to parameters.
The switching power transformer plays the role of energy transfer and conversion.In flyback circuits, the transformer converts electrical energy into magnetic field energy and stores it when the switch tube is switched on, and releases it when the switch tube is shut off.In a positive excitation circuit, when the switch tube is on, the input voltage is supplied directly to the load and energy is stored in the energy storage inductor.When the switch tube is cut off, the energy storage inductance carries on the continuous flow load transmission.
The above is about the switch power transformer selection in detail, we understand these steps after we believe that the switch power transformer selection has made their own decisions, I hope you can use the right switch power transformer in the right environment.


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