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            Brasil New Rule For Customs Clearance
            Add time:2013-03-15    Click:763
            We got The following new regulation of Brasil customs for goods clearance, if it is happened to you too ?

            Please be informed that Normative Instruction from Federal Revenue of Brazil No. 1.356/2013 ( "IN 1356") that came in force on May 6th, 2013, has promoted substantial changes in the procedures related to the Customs clearance and delivery of goods, exempting the Importer/Consignee of presenting the Original B/L "OBL" for releasing of cargo.
            As a consequence of this new scenario, from now on cargoes to Brazil can be released without the presentation of OBL. This means that an Importer will be able to remove the cargo from the bonded warehouse even if the OBL is in the shipper´s hand.

            it means that brasil import company can take shipment without original OBL, there is too much risk if export company did not get the full payment of goods.
            Our company takes very quick action to this new rule, our new policy to Brasil market is:
            From today on, all the switching power adapter, LED power supply orders from Brasil market, will be only shipped once the full payment is get paid.