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KRECO is a supplier of PD chargers and GaN chargers.
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Time is pressing, I want to change the world!

Fast charger, quietly changing our charging habits, more and more friends will choose to support fast charging mobile phones, this is the progress of science and technology, the progress of the times, KRECO likes to embrace this era.

Most mobile phone chargers and charging devices used to be USBA port output, and PD needs USBC interface. Now mobile phones basically support USBC interface. In fact, we can foresee that in the future, for example, the European Union should take the lead in legislating the unification of USBC interfaces.
The PD protocol is a fast charging protocol, while the Type-C protocol is a new interface specification.

The Type-C interface supports a maximum of 5V/3A by default, but after implementing the USB PD protocol, the output can be supported up to 100 W. KRECO's current GAN fast charger can reach 120 W.
KRECO enables every mobile phone user to better enjoy the fast charger technology, which is convenient for everyone to use.

KRECO is the manufacturer of PD charger and GaN charger.
The four products developed based on this technology support six charging voltages of 5V, 7V, 9V, 12V, 15V and 20V. It also has utility model patents and appearance patents. KRECO PD Charger and GAN Charger are on sale.

KRECO PD series charger has a rounded appearance, skin-like shell is very comfortable matte plastic feeling, simple and beautiful, stable output voltage, and can provide multiple protection circuits.Products are available in black and white. Of course, customers can customize the color.
Customers make their own brands and packaging. The more beautiful the better. Many wholesalers and agents choose KRECO's QC fast charger, PD fast charger, and now GAN fast charger.
They benefit from KRECO's high-quality products. The entire surface of the charger is designed to be seamless, and the plug of each country and region can be changed freely, and the fixed plug or cable connection can also be selected.
KRECO is the advantage of PD charger and GaN charger:

1. USB-18 W/30 W/C port supports 45 W/65 W/100 W PD protocol, and supports fast charging of Apple mobile phone and notebook computer. Compatibility is the industry's strongest 18 W/30 W/45 W/65 W/120W AC charger.

2. German high-quality PC materials are used to resist high temperature and cold, with 94 V0 safety and fire rating.

3, small size, high power, fast heat dissipation, thoughtful protection, support customized specifications

4. Six-level energy efficiency, low power consumption and higher charging efficiency

5. Mainstream PD/GaN charging chip solution with good compatibility

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Disclaimer: This article is from an individual, Kreco has the right


Disclaimer: This article comes from individual, KRECO has the right of final interpretation.