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Cooling, LED Power Supply Technology, Why Fail?
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About LED switching power supply cooling problem has been done many times in the previous discussion.

But in the heat technically there is a gap, there are some customers ask us businessmen said LED switching power dissipation problem can not be solved, not achieve the desired results. Today for the users to solve such problems on the LED heat dissipation design, the most likely to be overlooked is the light-emitting surface heating problems, such as CREE SMD 10WLED, light-emitting surface temperature of 100 degrees or more, in addition, the absence of a certain space for the lens glow surface heat buffer, will cause thermal failure, the light fades in advance.

LED cooling
reasons for failure are the following aspects:

1. LED light resistance large, light heat dissipation not use any thermal paste will cause thermal motion failed.

2 Use the aluminum plate as PCB connector source, because aluminum plate with multiple resistance, light not heat transfer, thermal paste will make use of any thermal movement failed

3 Use light aluminum plate as PCB connectors, and acts as a heat sink plate become a part of the radiator with hollow engagement. Because aluminum plate and heat sink thermal contact resistance is too large, the use of any thermal paste will cause thermal motion failed.