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            Linear Power Supply CE, EMC, ROHS Certification.
            Add time:2014-02-17    Click:583

            A few people in China know about what is the different between linear power supply and Transformer, they are confused about it.
            If it is a transformer, literately speaking, this is AC to AC transform progress; they cannot be a DC power at output side.
            If it is a power supply, then, it should have both function, AC to AC and AC to DC, or DC to DC. The range is much wider.
            A power supply can be a transformer.
            But a transformer maybe is not a power supply.
            The great news is:
            We had got passed for the even AC to AC or AC to DC testing under EMC, LVD, and ROHS.
            And we got the certificate.
            You can buy our products safely.
            Choose us, you are right.