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            Ipsos Business Consulting Pay A Visit To KRECO
            Add time:2015-03-14    Click:988
            On March 13, 2015, the Ipsos Business Consulting staff, from Hongkong to Guangdong Zhongshan, They has pay a visit to us.

            Ipsos Business Consulting is the strategic business unit that assists clients globally to enter, evolve and expand in emerging and developed markets through fact-based market analysis.

            Ipsos Business Consulting areas of specialisation include market opportunity assessment, competitive analysis, new product development, distribution channel and value chain analysis, market entry strategy, and partner diligence.

            Ipsos Business Consulting staff with Kingrong company consulted about power market information in the field of industry, corporate positioning and future direction.After the visit, and follow our visiting customers visited the factory!

            Choose us, you are right.