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            KingRong Never Shirk Their Responsibility
            Add time:2016-12-27    Click:687

            In December 2016, sales department received a feedback from customer, said that a batch of wire has quality problem, and a batch of brand new qualified goods have to be timely replenishment.
            General Manager made a prompt decision, he decided to arrange production immediately, and take full compensation for free, also the relevant fees are undertaken by us.
            General Manager emphasized, based on the spirit of service, voluntary to do what should.
            All of us have obligation and responsibility to perform our duties.
            When we execution of duty, the “start point” should not for reward or even for escaping responsibility, but from the heart the sense of responsibility.
            Responsibility in our language is one of the noblest words.
            It requires us to do all things conscientious, not beyond the scope of your duties to deal with what others tube, also don't ever expect muddle along.
            In brief,stick to a post, conscientious, are able to inspire the biggest potential of everyone, for sure it can also make us discover the latent crisis and problems.


            Sharon Wu