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            Supplier Evaluation
            Add time:2017-03-21    Click:833

            We are sorry to inform you that your shipment(s) may be delayed...
            End of the Chinese New Year holiday, KRECO began to usher in a new round of fighting.
            It is certain that, after a half-month internal adjustment, all of us has accessed to working condition.
            However, suppliers as a vital part in our supply chain, they are playing a significant role, and they can even control the relationship between KRECO and its customers.
            So, our CEO leaded a team of purchase department to scrutinize the suppliers at the first day of March, 2017.
            The visiting was included: staffs number, production workers’ proportion, equipment etc.
            At the meantime, we also discussed the cooperative arrangement for next quarter.
            Similar to the usual situation, the difficultly we are facing are lacked production workers and raw materials in short supply.
            For the reasons above, your shipment may be delayed. We are sorry if any inconvenience caused and sincerely hope you understand.
            Wish you a good day.

            Sharon W