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            Customer Visit
            Add time:2017-03-23    Click:869

            Every year from March to April, such as Hong Kong, Guangzhou in Pearl River Delta region are going to conduct the large exhibition, buyers around the world will brought together to the Pearl River Delta, in order to obtain the latest market trends. As an enterprise in this region, KRECO also ushered in the peak period of customers visit.
            March 18, 2017, the first visitor is our Italian customer. First of all, warmly welcome the arrival and heartfelt thanks!
            The purpose of this visiting is mainly to know the production progress of the order. In addition, is to review the operation of our company.
            So that to establish the next stage of the deeper cooperation.
            With sales and the active cooperation of various departments, this visit was successfully completed.
            Eventually, two sides reached a cooperation agreement.
            Again, we welcome domestic and foreign merchants here guidance, to join hands increasing a better future!

            Sharon W