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32. Why KRECO samples get failure in EMC testing?
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Why KRECO samples get failure in EMC testing?

According to our sample policy, we make samples as per the buyer's requirement.
As we know, we have different customer levels, some of them need Non-EMC version for cost down situation, and some of them need EMC version for high compatibility situation.
If the buyer did not state clearly about the EMC requirement when requesting a sample, we will randomly to make NON-EMC version for testing.
So, what is the most important? We kindly suggest that the buyer would better to clearly required EMC or NON-EMC in the sample procedure and must talk to our salesperson.

In case of failure, a new sample of EMC version will be provided again, if the buyer did not state in sample process, then the buyer pay the 2nd express freight, if KRECO made the wrong samples by NON-EMC version instead of EMC version, we will definitely pay the 2nd part of express freight.