5V 2.5A 24W Open frame switching power supply ▼
      5V 2.5A Open frame switching power supply
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12.5W open frame type switching power supply, open frame type dual USB charger, ITE, CLASS B, Universal input, customized design.
Model Number:  KRE-0500250D(KRE-XXXYYYYD)
"XXX"=030-600, the output voltage is DC3.0-60.0V,
"YYYY"=0001-3000, the output current is 0.01-30.00A,
“D”=Open frame switching power supplies

General: 5VDC 2,500mA series open frame type power adapter

Power: 12.5W
Input: 100~260V 50/60Hz
Output: 5V 2,500mA

Two year warranty
10 years of industry experience
3 to 360 watts for your customized requirment
Average working no trouble >50,000 hours
Product Electric Parameters

High reliability
High efficiency: consumption
Low working temperature and low ripple noise
Light and convenient plug-in
With fuse, LED light indicator

Burn-in: 100% full load, 40°C, 4hrs minimum
Leakage current: 0.25mA maximum at 264V AC
Inrush resistance: 100MΩ min at 500V
MTBF: meet MIL-HDBK-217F over 50,000hrs, full load, 25°C
Withstanding voltage: 3kV 1minute 10mA max, between primary and secondary
Inrush current: 50A (maximum) at 240V (15A at 90V AC, 18A at115V AC, 31A at 230V AC, and 33A at 264V

According with GB9254, EN55022 class A EN61347-2-13:2008 standards
Safety standards: RoHS, CE, UL acceptable
According with GB4943, UL60950-1,EN60950-1 standards.
EMC standards

Isolation Distance: 
input and output interval, input and enclosure, output and enclosure 2,000V AC/3S
Working temperature and humidity: -10 to +60 degrees Celsius, 20 to 90% RH
Store temperature and humidity: -20 to +85 degrees Celsius, 10 to 95 %RH

With RoHS, CE, UL marks
100% full load burn-in test 
Protections: short circuit/overload/over-temperature

Withstand voltage:
Input and output interval: 2.0kVAC
Input and enclosure: 2.0kVAC
Output and enclosure: 500V AC

cooling method: 
Natural cooling air convection
height above sea level
Leq 2000M
working temperature
- 20 ° ~ 60 ° c / 20% ~ 90% RH (no frost)
Storage temperature
- 40 ° ~ 85 ° c / 10% ~ 95% RH (no frost)

Short-circuit protection
Over-load protection
105% - 150% rated power, automatic recovery
Over-voltage protection
105% - 150% of the rated voltage
Over-current protection
105% - 150% of the rated current

Rate voltage:100-240VAC
Variation Range: AC90V---260V
Input frequency: 50/60Hz
Variation  frequency:47-63Hz
Input current: 0.65Amax.
No load input power (240V AC): 0.04W
Inrush current (240V AC): 30A cold 25°C 
Efficiency: 83% minimum

DC output voltage: 5VDC
DC output current: 2,500mA
Regulation: 0% line, ±5% load
Output voltage precision: 5%
Ripple/noise: 70mV

PE bag
Individual white box
Gross weight: 9kg (maximum)
Quantity: 100 pcs/carton
Carton dimensions: 470 x 350 x 240mm