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What is the use of the wire in the mask? Wear your mask correctly
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Due to the sudden outbreak this year, many people wear masks. Due to environmental problems, many people like to wear masks even if it is not because of the outbreak.We usually wear disposable masks. Why do disposable masks have wires in them?How should the mask with wire be worn?
The wire in the mask is not useless, it exists to form a gap between the nose and the mask.However, you need to note that the mask does not need to be close to the nose and mouth, but the edge of the mask must be close to the bridge of the nose to effectively block bacteria.The idea of a "folding mask" is a good one, but it's not a very good one.A folded mask will create a certain Angle, so the bridge of the nose should not be close to the edge of the mask.If cold air enters through the mouth during use, will it also stop bacteria?In order to reduce the infection rate in hospitals, medical staff are also forbidden to "fold masks" during clinical treatment.So, how do they make the mask fit tightly to the bridge of the nose?In fact, those who have worn a wire mask should know that it is only necessary to press the wire of the mask along the sides of the bridge of the nose so that it can be tightly fitted to the face.

Precautions for wearing masks
Masks should normally be changed within four to five hours and worn for no more than 30 to 50 minutes at a time.The same mask should not be worn on both sides, otherwise dust and bacteria outside will directly contact the mouth and nose, causing secondary pollution.After removing the mask, place it in a clean bag. If it is placed in a pocket or bag, it may be contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms.Many people believe that the thicker the mask, the better. If the mask is too thick, people will have difficulty breathing, dizziness, lack of oxygen and so on.Heavy masks should not be worn by people with asthma or heart disease.In addition, people with skin allergies should not wear thick masks.




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