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Convertible head power adapter market prospects and application characteristics
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As we all know, there is a difference between foreign and domestic electricity use and power plugs. The standards of power plugs are different. Common ones are Chinese regulations, American regulations, European regulations, Australian regulations, Japanese regulations, British regulations, Korean regulations. Wait, and the emergence of the conversion head power adapter undoubtedly solved this embarrassment very well!
◤Market prospects of power adapter with convertible head
   The appearance of the power adapter with convertible head has greatly facilitated the export of manufacturers. The detachable plug greatly eases the inventory pressure of supporting businesses, and also provides convenience for end users.
   For example: Hong Kong, as a highly autonomous region in China, has a thriving tourism industry. There are endless stream of people from all over the world who are traveling here. However, due to the historical reasons of Hong Kong, the major hotels or families in Hong Kong use British-standard sockets. It is well known that because the bottom line of British regulations must be plugged in to supply power, the 2-plug charger cannot be used at all, which is for foreign tourists. People on vacation cause great inconvenience.
   From this, we can see the importance of adapting the power supply of the conversion head and the broadness of the market prospect. Because of this, Jingrong Electronics seized the opportunity of the convertible head power supply and quickly launched our own series of products. Convenient for your travel!
◤Application of interchangeable head power adapter
The interchangeable head power supply is widely used in LED light strips, LED light bars, LED lamps, LED lighting, LED desk lamps, scanners, broadband cats, switchers, mobile DVDs, high-definition TV boxes, security equipment, speaker products, power tools, access control Systems, small household appliances, air fresheners, routers, point-readers, humidifiers, heaters, electric mops, electric vacuum cleaners, fiber optic transceivers, air purifiers, sterilizers, audio and video amplifiers, projectors, electronic refrigerators, Fiber optic switches, electronic organs, fiber optic cats, tablet computers, digital set-top boxes (DVB), network equipment and other products supply power.
◤Features of interchangeable head power adapter
   Pins can be replaced at any time, the general replaceable head power adapter is equipped with: China, US, British, European and other multi-country pins, basically compatible with all international socket types. So when you do not need to buy a power adapter with corresponding pins separately when you travel abroad, an adapter can basically be used globally. And more importantly, this one is also cheap. Compared to buying multiple power adapters, it will definitely save a lot of money!




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