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Our New Products: USB Type-C Data cable
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USB Type-C Data cable

Physical Characteristics
Thinner body needs a thinner port,it is the one reason that leads USB-C's turn out in market.Its port is 0.83x0.26mm,relative to it, the onld style port 1.4x0.65mm seems to out of date.Port size of USB-C Data cable is just one thied of the standard port size of USB-A  Data cable.
2.No front and back side
Support insert from both sides function. That is, no matter which side you insert both work,users don't need to worried about problem of "front & back side".

Main function
In theory, the highest transfer rate of USB- C is 10GB/Sec.
USB-C port can be used as data transmission,charging, and external device of video output link.
3.Two-way transmission
For power transmisson, it is not like the old style USB port which only one-way transmission, USB-C port is a two-way transmission, which means it has two ways for power transmission.That is, users can not only chargeing as noteboss to mobile device, also other equipment/power bank to notebook.