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            "Electronics Components Magazine" Preview
            Add time:2015-08-26    Click:1143
            This is our latest Global Sources Electronics components magazine pages in October 2015

            In the October of 2015 version, we listed before the official magazine

            We provide intelligent power solutions

            1. R &D engineers with over 30 years experience
            2. 2 years quality warranty
            3. Manufacturer of power supplies for over 10 years
            4. Professional & experienced services provider
            5. Manufacturer of Intelligent power supplies for over 10 years

            6. Daily production qty up to 50k units
            7. 7 days fast sample delivery
            8. Accept the buyer's specifications
            9. Reliability
            10. Reputation
            11. OEM available

            Kingrong Enterprise Ltd. (since 2008)
            Zhongshan Kingrong Electronics Co.,Ltd. 
             ★★★★★★ Global Sources (NASDAQ-GS: GSOL) verified supplier