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Expectation Of Kingrong’s Developing Direction ----- Electric Medical Devices
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The demand of medical electronic products is growing higher
than the global average in China.
We can see that the huge population base,
the ageing of the population increasing rapidly year by year,
the increasing health consciousness,
national policy, medical information and technology revolution.
Those all makes us go forward.
As health-care reform gradually implement,
KINGRONG have prepared everything
and get ready to develop a new generation of medical equipment
in this rare opportunities of development.Recently,
weinvested more than 100,000.00 RMB to apply for CB, LVD certificates.
Because we know the rule that A beard well lathered is half shaved.
To catch up the market,
we should apply for the certificates first.
Complete medical equipment certification system
and excellent product quality will become a stepping stone towards the higher place.
Whether medical equipment is in a normal operation
or not are related to people’s life and death,
especially the power of the medical equipment.
They must conform to the safety, leakage,
EMI and RFI radiation and protective regulations.
These standards and the relevant safety codes structure
has become a set of strict regulatory requirements.
For application of this kind of strict system of power supply
on the insulation measures must conform to the specification strictly,
in order to prevent the patients and medical personnel to get an electric shock.
For the design of the medical power supply,
the preferred must be product quality and reliability.
It happen that let worldwide people use the safe power supply is our great mission!!