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KRECO Production Policy Tips
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Before production to order, please make sure your company has clearly understand our production policy in the following:




A signature or stamp confirmation to technical specification datasheet is nesseary to the formal prodution arrangement.


Factory will not arrange the production order until the advance payment's arrival, so the lead time is calculated as per the payment receipt date.


In order to arrange your order in time, get no delay, only if your finacial dept effect the payment in time, and please email us the payment copy asap.


Usual production L/T:
25 to 30 working days at ready material,
Unusual production L/T: 40 to 45 working days for products with complex production processes; 
Special material production L/T: as per special material's L/T + our usual production L/T.


During production, if there is any difficulty or unexpected problem happen, we will inform the buyer immediately.


The goods will be packed in strong export carton, if customer needs the plastic pallet packing, the extra USD35 /pallet will be charged for the buyer.


In order to reflect the principle of fairness to each customer, Any request for delivery prior to the lead time will not be accepted

 Notes: we reserves the right to alter or amend the service tips or company policy without prior notice.