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    Global Part No.:KRE36B
        Category:Switching Adaptor >> Desktop type
        Global Part No.:KRE36B
        Input Voltage:100-240VAC 50/60Hz
        Output Voltage:KRE36B
        Output Current:KRE36B
        Output Power:36W
        Dimension :KRE36B
        Unit Price:USD 0.00
        Description:Global professional manufacturer, kreco is engaged in providing the high quality AC/DC adapters, switching power supplies, LED power supplies, Linear power supply to worldwide countries, products range covers 3W to 360Watt series, 30000 models. desktop type AC/DC Switching Power Adapters. Bermuda switching power supplier, Bolivia switching power supplier, phototherapy unit power supplier, Bahamas switching power supplier, Bhutan Weight meter power supplier, Saint Lucia switching power supplier, Iceland switching power supplier, Laos Water pump power supplier.
      ①SPEC for approval        
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