Billy Chu's CREDO
    <p> <span style="font-size:20px;"><strong>3 quality levels of switching power supply factory</strong><br /> <br /> The quality of product, in our company, was taken as the life line of running a business.<br /> We agreed for that.<br /> <br /> But I have a question, if you buy one product and found it never broken after several decades operation, the bad thing is, your client will not go for you twice to buy, it means that the end user lost consumption ability to buy again, because he have it already, and not broken yet.<br /> <br /> Apple inc uses the aggressive innovation to change people's thought or habit, we always chase for Apple, iPhone, or the new technology products which similar to Apple's new product, we like it, the society looks like always chasing for changes.<br /> <br /> I personally think, this is a waste of the earth resources, we live in this circuit of society, and the media of environment push us to adopt these changes"<br /> <br /> There is a Chinese song singing like that if we changed the world, or the world changed us?<br /> In my opinion, we are changing the world smoothly; meanwhile, the world is changing us relatively at the same time, is not it?<br /> The relationship between us and the world is interaction effected, conditioned to each other, who can say deny?<br /> <br /> Might each unit or each unit of product is really insignificant things? There are thousands millions of product manufactured by manufacturers like us, we do really need to pay for the environment of the earth.<br /> <br /> More and more enterprisers realized this point, so do we?<br /> I came from the poor village, and had suffered many hardship when i was child, the good environment or things need us pay more attention to cherish.<br /> <br /> I have been in switching power supply manufacturing industry for 9 years already, some of our customers asked me: "William, can you do the power supply with 10 years life at 50 degree temperature?" I said no, I don't want the society has no consumption ability to buy again, the reality is normal electrical Capacitor's life is 5000 hours, we can calculate, one year has 365 days, one day has 24 hours, there is 8760 hours in a year. Why the capacitor's life is only 5000 hours, 95% of manufacturers use the capacitors which their life is only 5000 hours according to working temperature 105 degree, if the ambient temperature low 10 degree, the capacitor's life will increase 1 time.<br /> Oh, i forget to say, that was for only ideal calculation. The Fact is when you plug in our adapter into device, you normally use it for about 8 hours per day, and there is only 2920 hours in a year.<br /> We are not nervous now.<br /> <br /> I believe that there are 3 quality levels of switching power supply factories.<br /> The 1st level : Only profit without anything, use the bad raw materials, the quality is bad, but can work for about many times, that such factories got the purchase order, and after that they gone, disappeared.<br /> Or, there is an exception, there are many African countries, South American countries in the world, the end users there do not mind and get no complain for any.<br /> The 2nd Level: Quality is normal, Price is normal, Ensure the quality, and very good cost performance.<br /> The 3rd level: The Super quality, like used in army, customized design, medical grade, and these products are produced by Big state own companies or medical companies.<br /> <br /> The earth is keep running, machines are running, workers are overtime working every day. We produce millions of thousands of our switching power supply products, and also are wasted by the society, what a pity!<br /> <br /> The human beings looking for survival, money, we work every day, over time work, the world is looking for money, or we live for money, what is that formula? Comes from Wall Street?<br /> We cannot believe that.<br /> The days go on, and life is going to be better and better.<br /> <br /> ---written by General Manager<br /> Mr. Billy Chu, at Kingrong Enterprise Ltd.</span></p>