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Wireless charging will become a new charging mode in the future
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  Today's go-it-alone apple USES a wireless charging technology on the iPhone 8/iPhone X that supports the Qi standard, meaning any wireless charger that supports the Qi standard can charge the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The technology is getting more attention, and some phone makers are moving in that direction, cutting all the wires and leading the wireless trend.
  Experts believe the wireless charging system allows new energy vehicles to be recharged without charging plugs, while the power board can be buried underground to reduce wear and is not affected by bad weather. Although, still face key technical bottleneck, difficult to scale production, high cost. But wireless charging has a bright future, and will be available in new energy vehicles around 2020.
  As we all know, in addition to the popular classic product -- mobile phone protection film, we have been developing mobile phone wireless charger this year. After half a year's efforts, we have begun to promote the market after repeatedly testing and confirming the stable performance.




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