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Type of superheat protection for power adapte
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The type of superheat protection of the power adapter can be divided into the following categories: automatic reset type, manual reset type, non-newer, non-reset type, and various other types that can provide equivalent superheat protection.

The heat source of the power adapter is mainly Schottky rectifier diodes, high-frequency switching
Transformers, power MOS tubes, and filtered electrolytic capacitors. Among them, the temperature rise of the power MOS tubes, high-frequency Transformers, and rectified Schottky diodes is prominent. In order to prevent power adapters from being damaged due to overheating, the design of power adapters not only requires the use of electronic components with good high temperature characteristics, but also requires the printing of PCB boards, heat sinks, high-frequency Transformers, etc.. The design is reasonable and the production process is advanced, and superheat protection measures are needed., These are the conditions necessary to ensure security.  

In order to suppress the temperature rise of the power adapter, in addition to using a power MOS tube with low leakage current and short storage time, it is also necessary to install a heat sink for the power MOS tube. After the MOS tube is installed with a hot chip, the stability of the power adapter will be greatly improved and the loss rate will be significantly reduced. The function of the electronic switch overheat protection measure is to cut off the AC input line of the power adapter or force off the modulation pulse output to stop the high-frequency oscillation before the temperature of the heating component or power supply housing in the power adapter exceeds the specified limit.

The heat resistance and fire protection performance of power adapters are not only directly related to the reliability and service life of power adapters, but also directly related to the risk of fire and the safety of life and property of users.


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