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How to protect the switching power adapter
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The modern communication switching power supply is unattended, and all have short-distance monitoring compliance, such as remote signaling, telemetry, and remote control, and the associated signal line interface has a long communication interval, which is extremely vulnerable to the failure of the lightning failure. In case of other matters, in accordance with the letter of the manufacturing department, the corresponding flag lightning arrester should be installed to return it.
Second, the installation of DC lightning arrester was recently proposed in the lightning protection scale, because the residual voltage of the DC lightning arrester is much lower than the AC lightning arrester, so it can effectively improve the communication equipment in the communication switching power supply station. The material of the lightning electromagnetic pulse.
Third, the lightning protection of the lightning protection device intervention method has a close relatives, if the lead inductance will produce an extraordinarily residual pressure, should roughly shrink the connection between the power line and the lightning arrester and the lightning arrester and grounding sink The length of the board connection.
Fourth, the multi-level placement of the lightning arrester can reduce the extra residual voltage caused by the lead inductance. Because the front-end lightning protection device has discharged the large-scale lightning current to the sky, the lightning protection device in the latter stage only releases one less. The lightning current of the department and the reduction of the lightning current must cause the additional residual voltage on the lead to decrease. In order to ensure the energy coordination of the front and rear stages of the lightning arrester, the length of the power cable between the lightning arresters should be no less than 15 meters, otherwise the decoupler should be accepted to develop energy cooperation.
5. Lightning protection of incoming power cables is easy to attract attention, while other power lines that enter and exit communication stations are often viewed squarely, such as lighting street lights, tower lamp power lines, and non-telecom facilities to lease telecom power lines. At present, it is advisable to adopt solar tower lights, which can reduce a lightning strike invasion channel. Other outgoing power lines should be within the area of ​​concern of the lightning protection system, otherwise special lightning protection flashbacks should be adopted.



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