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The Power Adapter Charger Fell In The Water, Can Also Be Used?
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When using the power adapter charger, accidentally fell in the water, don't know what will not be because there was water lead to unstable voltage or electrical damage your mobile phone?

In fact, we can through the following method to test and see what the charger can also use:


1, if it is the charger into the water, we can pick up to shake the body part feel whether there is water inside, if you can feel the water, then prove it into the water a lot of, affect parts circuit will be big, it is difficult to completely dry. This time you can open it repaired as soon as possible, if not throw to buy the new one.

2, if the charger can't feel there is water, then how many there are saved. At this time of the charger can be made in the open air, with exposure under the sun or a lamp, a week or so, most of the water is running light. Then you can get cheap things of the old cell phone MP3 try once, can, that's no problem.

3,and pick it up with a hair dryer cold wind blow for a while, and then buried in a day of rice, because rice water imbibition is strong. Take out a day later, or to buy silicon chemical desiccant, further dehumidification. Note 2 days don't recharging or easily charge out of the question, if there are problems, it can only buy a again.

Phone charger off water, dry can be used, but be sure to dry reoccupy, because if charging line with water, would be dangerous to use, if you don't know he do not dry, can hang a period of time and then use the reasons to make discharger is this: the design of the general electric is parallel to the direction and the direction of electric circuit board. That is to say if the shape of the electric equipment is flat, so the inside of the circuit board is flat on the inside, rarely with appliances and vertical shape.

Mastery of the principles, we can use some good positions to fill the charger to dry. Because the charger circuit is simple, the area of circuit is small, can every few hours when drying is reversed direction, in order to speed up the water discharge.
The charger with water if was soaked in use process, the relatively socket will be more dangerous. Especially sometimes can hear strip in edm flashing clicks, then this case never unarmed charger operation, should pull the strip after the plug or turn off the main supply room to operate.


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