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Power adapter appearance inspection steps
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A, appearance


1.1, surface

1.1.1. Check whether there are stains on the surface of the power adapter.

1.1.2 whether there are cracks or other mechanical damage on the surface of the product.

1.1.3 whether the gap of power adapter is too large.

1.1.4 whether there is abnormal sound when tapping the product.


1.2, tags,

1.2.1 the surface of the product shall bear the electronic product certification safety mark and the registration certification number.

1.2.2. The font of the power adapter label shall not contain any wrong words, missing words, blurred fonts, water marks or bubbles, etc.

1.2.3 product labels shall be firm and shall not be slanted.

1.2.4 labels shall not have defective parts.


1.3 DC wire

1.3.1 the length of DC wire meets the requirements of the specification.

1.3.2 the color of wire is consistent with the certified sample.

1.3.3 whether there are stains, white glue or damage on the appearance of wire.



B, External dimensions


2.1 external dimensions shall comply with product standards.

2.2 pins, wires length and distance shall comply with product standards.

2.3 the location of the power adapter plug shall meet the product standard requirements.

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