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About the switch regulated power adapter
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Before describing the "switch regulated power adapter" (hereinafter referred to as the "switch power adapter"), the "power adapter" is described first.
Generally speaking, the power adapter can be divided into direct power adapter and indirect power adapter. The output of the power adapter is, of course, electric energy. However, there is no power adapter that can be directly used in nature. Although lightning and other natural phenomena will produce certain electric energy, it is difficult to be used as power adapter. Therefore, all the power adapters used by human beings are converted from mechanical energy, thermal energy, chemical energy, etc. Manufacturer of power adapter: Jiuqi calls the power adapter obtained from other energy sources through conversion surface as direct power adapter, such as generator, battery and so on. In many cases, the direct power adapter does not meet the requirements of use and needs to be changed again.


This transformation is to transform the electric energy of one form into that of another. The transformation of electric energy form can be the transformation between alternating current and direct current, the transformation of voltage or current amplitude, or the transformation of frequency and phase number of alternating current. In some cases, the transformation of electric energy form may only be the improvement of stability accuracy or other performance. Because the power adapter's input is also electric energy, so the power adapter manufacturer: Jiu Qi calls the power adapter whose input and output are electric energy as indirect power adapter.
The direct power adapter that people contact most is the power adapter provided by the public grid. Whether it is enterprises, institutions or households, the power used is almost directly or indirectly provided by the grid. The power adapter of power grid comes from power plant. At present, the power generation methods of power plant mainly include thermal power generation, hydropower generation, nuclear power generation and so on. Thermal power is to convert thermal energy into electric energy, hydro power is to convert mechanical energy (potential energy of water) into electric energy, and nuclear power is to convert nuclear energy into thermal energy and then into electric energy. In addition to the three major power generation modes of water, fire and nuclear, there are also renewable energy power generation modes such as wind power generation and solar power generation. The power adapters provided by the public power grid are all power frequency AC power adapters.
Another kind of direct power adapter that people contact everyday is electrochemical power adapter. Dry cell and battery are typical representatives. Although the proportion of electric energy provided by this adapter is very small, it is more and more closely related to people. Although the chemical energy stored in batteries and some rechargeable dry cells is obtained by charging the power adapter, these power adapters still belong to the direct power adapter because the electrical energy when they are used (discharged) is directly transformed from the chemical energy.
In addition to the power adaptors provided by the utility grid and batteries, the power adaptors obtained from diesel generators, wind turbines and solar cells are also classified as direct power adaptors.
Power adapter manufacturer: the input and output of the switching power adapter described by Jiuqi are all electric energy, so it belongs to the indirect power adapter and is the main research object of the power adapter manufacturer: Jiuqi, while the direct power adapter does not belong to the power adapter manufacturer: Jiuqi.
Switching power adapter circuit is a kind of power electronic circuit. Generally, power is divided into two categories: AC and DC.
Therefore, the basic power electronic circuits can be divided into four types, namely, ACDC circuit DC · AC circuit, AC-AC circuit and DC-DC circuit, as shown in Table 1-1. ACDC and DC · AC are generally easy to understand. For the ACAC circuit, the objects that can be transformed include frequency, number of phases, voltage and current, etc. For DCDC circuits, the main objects that can be transformed are voltage and current. The core components of power electronic circuits are power electronic devices, which are generally working in the switch state, so that the loss is very small, which is a significant feature of power electronic circuits.
As the name implies, the switching power adapter is the power adapter in which the power electronic devices work in the switching state. In this way, if the four basic types of power electronic circuits in Table 1 are regarded as power adapter circuits, all power electronic circuits can also be regarded as switching power adapter circuits. In practice, the scope of the switch power adapter is much smaller than that in the table. For example, the phase control circuit in the rectifier circuit does not belong to the scope of the switch power adapter.
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