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Small size can also achieve high power GaN materials will become standard for fast charging of flagship mobile phones
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At present, many people still keep the habit of charging their mobile phones by sleeping at night.

In fact, with the addition of fast charging for Android phones, this operation is no longer necessary.

In the past two years, it has been significantly improved due to the charging power.

A fully-charged mobile phone can now reach 50% of its charge every day after getting up and going out for a while.

The increase in charging speed also makes it possible to quickly recharge the battery in a short time. In addition to the increase in charging speed, users also have corresponding requirements in terms of portability and compatibility.

From the traditional 5V1A charger to now support 65W, the power of the charging head is getting higher and higher, and the corresponding size is getting larger and larger. Although we think the size of the charging head is still within the acceptable range, in the long run, the contradiction between power and volume will become more obvious.

Compared with before, everyone will now consider portability when traveling.
The charging head is improved in power, and many notebooks support the PD protocol, allowing mobile phone charging heads and notebooks to be universal.
Now manufacturers are again in the size of the charging head. Started the article.

At present, in the field of charging heads, various manufacturers have found breakthroughs. At the CES Consumer Electronics Show which just ended in early 2020, many charging heads using gallium nitride materials appeared. Gallium nitride is a new generation of semiconductor materials. GaN. In fact, it is not a new semiconductor material.

As early as 1990, it was often used in light-emitting diodes. However, due to the difficulty of the production process, it was not popularized. After many years of technical iterations, the gallium nitrides currently used are basically non-sapphire substrates, but silicon substrates (silicon-based). Using silicon-based gallium nitride can further reduce the difficulty of making gallium nitride.

At the same time, silicon is cheap and many processes can be reused, so GaN charging products on the market are gradually increasing.
So where is the advantage of gallium nitride? Gallium nitride is known as the third-generation semiconductor core material. GaN mainly has three characteristics-high switching frequency, large band gap, and lower on-resistance.

In simple terms, the switching frequency refers to the number of times that the thyristor, thyristor and other electronic components inside the charging head can be completely turned on and off per second. High switching frequency can reduce the volume of transformers and capacitors, and help reduce the size and weight of the charging head.

Compared to silicon, gallium nitride has a wider band gap, which means that gallium nitride can withstand higher than silicon. Voltage, has better conductivity; lower on-resistance is a direct manifestation of heat generation when conducting, and the lower the on-resistance, the lower the heat generation.

In other words, electronic products using GaN materials can achieve the characteristics of compactness, high efficiency, and low heat generation. These characteristics are simply not suitable for the charging head.

At present, 65W adapters have been adopted by the majority of mobile phone manufacturers. 100W adapters will appear in the market in 2020.

At that time, some mobile phone products may take only half an hour to complete. The popularity of nitrogen GaN gallium nitride has also made USB PD fast charging products even more powerful, and has promoted the consumer power revolution.

In addition to the original adapter market, consumer demand for chargers also presents diversified and personalized needs. Among them, the multi-port USB-C and USB-A port coexist, which can take into account the charging of new and old devices at the same time, becoming consumers The preferred second charger configuration, third-party e-commerce brands also benefit from the popularity of USB PD fast charging.

In this year's flagship products, in addition to Qualcomm's flagship processor and 5G as standard, battery capacity and charging technology must have been greatly improved, coupled with the mature use of GaN materials, allowing more Fast charging is possible.


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